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The CRC Bid Scope has four programs, each with five individual activity streams:


The Pollination Ecosystem Program

Sustainable management of the pollination ecosystem
This key focus area addresses the pollination environment, including natural and farm habitats to increase the number and diversity of wild pollinators and other beneficial insects in the landscape.

Activity Streams

  • Developing an Australian National Pollination Strategy
  • Optimising pollinator habitat and resource provision
  • Evaluation of pollinator friendly farming practices
  • Discovering new pollinators
  • Education, training and extension


The Managed Pollinator Program

Improved management of the pollinator and supply chain
This key focus area addresses the capabilities and capacity of Australia’s current pollination providers, including managed honey bees, managed native bees and other managed pollinators.

Activity Streams

  • Improving honey bee genetics
  • Harnessing alternative pollinators
  • Enhancing managed pollinators health and nutrition
  • Controlling varroa and improving pollinator biosecurity
  • Education, training and extension


The Efficient Crop Pollination Program

Increased pollination efficacy
This key focus area addresses pollinator-dependent crops and plants and how improvements can be made at the plant or crop level to improve pollination outcomes.

Activity Streams

  • Improving Pollination in protected cropping systems
  • Applying alternative pollinator approaches
  • Managing plant flora reproductive traits
  • Integrating pollination, crop design and agronomy
  • Education, training and extension


The Platform Technology Program

Technology supporting the research
This key focus area develops and validates advanced sequencing, bioinformatics, remote sensing, geographical information systems, and artificial intelligence that support the research.

Activity Streams

  • Developing hive monitoring and location tracking systems to improve biosecurity
  • Tracking pollinators in the environment
  • Developing genetic tools for pollinators
  • Developing alternative pollination technologies
  • Education, training and extension


Within each of the key focus areas, the CRC’s research and extension projects will:

  • Increase national awareness of pollination security and improve coordinated risk management
  • Build capability across pollinator-dependent sectors
  • Implement practice change across agriculture and bee industries
Pollination Security Cooperative Research Centre (PS CRC)

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To contact the Pollination Security CRC, email Core Bid Group CEO Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck at JP.Scheerlinck@Pollinationsecurity.com