Our Impact

Vital work supporting bees in 2023

We are proud of the work that we at the Foundation and our teams of volunteers have done over the past 12 months. We also know that it has set us on a path for continued growth over the coming years, and we look forward to the future and the impact we can have for the benefit of all bees.

Fiona Chambers
CEO, Wheen Bee Foundation


As Secretariat, the Wheen Bee Foundation supported the Pollination Security CRC Core Bid Group, which attracted $53 million in partnerships, with the Wheen Bee Foundation committed to contributing $1.1 million over 10 years.


Wheen Bee Foundation has partnered with Federal, State and local governments investing $257,000 in the Powerful Pollinator Planting Guides program, with 32 guides published for bioregions in six states and territories.


The Bee Friendly Farming program has 40,000ha of farmland certified, with the aim to grow this to 100,000ha in the next two years.


The Bee Friendly Farming Tree Grants have awarded $65,000 in tree grants in its first two years, planting more than 92ha of pollinator-friendly habitat.


The Community Tree Grants program was launched with $60,000 from Carman’s over three years to support community tree plantings for pollinators.


WORLD BEE DAY: $50k investment so far as the Australian Secretariat.


AUSTRALIAN POLLINATOR WEEK: $30k investment so far as Secretariat.


LINTON BRIGGS ADVANCING APICULTURE FUND: $20k investment so far, strengthening innovation and leadership skills, supporting industry leadership participation and building organisational effectiveness.  In June 2022, 20 executives from Vic, SA and Qld beekeeping associations took part in the inaugural program.

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