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Gifts in Wills

Wheen Bee Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organization that was established from a generous bequest from the late Gretchen Wheen. Whilst the Foundations overheads are covered by income being generated from the original bequest, our research and advocacy programs rely on the support of individuals, businesses and organisations.

One of the most valuable ways you can help Wheen Bee Foundation to support its bee research, education and advocacy work is by leaving a gift in your will.

How to leave a gift to the Wheen Bee Foundation in your will

In making a gift to the Wheen Bee Foundation, please consider the following:

By the Wills Act, all Wills and Codicils must be in writing, signed by the Testator, and attested by two witnesses in the presence of the Testator and of each other.

The Wheen Bee Foundation recommends you seek professional advice or the assistance of a solicitor when preparing your will, and thank you for considering supporting Wheen Bee Foundation with a bequest.

As a start, you may wish to consider the following options;

 “I give devise and bequeath to the Wheen Bee Foundation Limited ABN 84 139 073 082:

(a) the whole of my Estate of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situate

(b) ………… % of my Estate

(c) and/or the sum of $ ….. free of all duties and taxes payable at my death and I declare that the receipt of the CEO or other Proper Officer for the time being of the Wheen Bee Foundation shall be sufficient discharge for my trustees. 

Note: choices (a), (b) and (c) should be followed by the statement, “after the payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and all duties, taxes and charges payable on my Estate at my death.”

How will your gift be used?

Wheen Bee Foundation works across 3 priority areas, and four research pillars 

  1. Bee Research
    • Bee health, pests and diseases
    • Bee nutrition and resources
    • Bee improvement and genetics
    • Bee protection and biosecurity
  2. Raising community awareness of the importance of bees for food security
  3. Linking people integral to the cause (beekeepers, farmers, researchers, industry, government and community). 

If you have a preference for how you would like your legacy to be directed, we encourage you to contact us directly so we can discuss a range of options and find one/s that best reflect your wishes.

Further information

Wheen Bee Officer : 0436 423 429

Our donation cards, made to order, are also available upon request. 

Address for the purpose of a gift to Wheen Bee Foundation

Postal address
96 Harbours Rd YENDON, VIC 3552

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