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Reconnecting kids with food systems

As a teacher and someone who is passionate about food systems, Amelia Bourke is determined that today’s young students learn about their local food systems, systems that are vital to their future.

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Wheen Bee Foundation Impact Report out now

The Wheen Bee Foundation’s Impact Report for the 2023 financial year is out now. The report outlines the Wheen Bee Foundation’s major programs, events and achievements, highlighting the tangible impact on bees and other pollinators.

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Trees for bees blooms with new community planting grants

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to bees and other pollinators, with increasing urbanisation, along with severe bushfires and floods, reducing critical areas where bees forage and breed.

Now a new tree grants program is helping reverse this loss, providing small community groups across Australia with the opportunity to make a big difference for bees.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Your Christmas shopping is sorted with these great gift ideas that give back to bees. This is your go-to gift guide for bee lovers, featuring amazing gift ideas from our Business Buddies. Purchase a gift today and support our Business Buddies to continue supporting us.

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The Queen of bee research

When Wheen Bee Foundation founding director Linton Briggs AO was running the North Eastern Apiarists’ Association in the early 1960s he invited some of the

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Bee Friendly wines in the Margaret River region

Wayfinder in Western Australia’s Margaret River wine region has wider ambitions than simply creating a delicious drop in a bottle. Theirs is a long-term vision to integrate habitat conservation, environmental restoration, and organic certification for their vineyard and farm.

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