Powerful Pollinators

Encouraging insect pollinators in farm and garden landscapes

What is Powerful Pollinators?

Powerful Pollinators is a program designed to increase the prevalence, health and diversity of pollinators in the landscape. The program encourages the strategic planting of ‘trees for bees’ and other pollinators and provides Powerful Pollinator Planting Guides developed by experienced botanists and field ecologists for use by landholders.

The Guides specify relevant information about pollinator habitat and floral resources to enable users such as land managers, Landcare groups, nurseries and gardeners to select the most appropriate indigenous species that provide value for pollinators.

Planting Guides

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Wholesale nursery guide

Encouraging insect pollinators in farm landscapes, this list of wholesale nurseries stock all the plants shown in the planting guides above. If not, ask them to order it in for you.


Wheen Bee Foundation Ambassadors (bee champions) are available to provide bee expertise and information to Landcare groups, and environmental and agricultural networks, to increase knowledge and understanding of bees as pollinators and their reliance on native flora. The Wheen Bee Foundation will deliver 20 workshops across the regions listed below.

A Bee Friendly Farming network has been established connecting land managers who subscribe to land management best practice and support pollinators in their landscape.

This project is supported by Smart Farms through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, and Burt’s Bees, as well as researchers, universities, botanic gardens, sustainable gardening organisations, and service clubs.

The first phase of the project began in June 2020, and continues under the Australian Government’s Smart Farms Round Four Grants. The involvement and participation of Wheen Bee Foundation Bee Ambassadors in this project has assisted in the delivery of a minimum of more than 20 presentations over 18 months between June 2020 and 30 June 2021.

What can you do?

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  • Request a Powerful Pollinators workshop for one of the listed regions here
  • Enquire about funding the development of a Guide for your region here 

Our Powerful Pollinator Guides provide an introduction to encouraging insect pollinators on farms, including a guide to choosing plants that will support diverse pollinators throughout the year. Published guides available now:

Powerful Pollinators
Resource Packs

Our Powerful Pollinators guides are also available to purchase in hard-copy.

Guides are available to order individually or in packs to share with others, or simply download below.