Our Work


The Wheen Bee Foundation supports research projects that increase food security by ensuring strong bee populations. Our research objectives focus on the broad areas of bee health (including pests and diseases), nutrition, genetics, protection and biosecurity.

Some of the Research Projects undertaken by The Wheen Bee Foundation include:

Pollination Security CRC

Wheen Bee Foundation has taken on a pivotal role in the establishment of a Pollination Security CRC. The CRC will focus on improving pollination efficacy, biosecurity and the sustainable management of honey bees and other pollinating insects. A key focus of the CRC is the development of a national pollination strategy.

Research Apiary

The Wheen Bee Foundation Research Apiary is a fully funded resource available to researchers and organisations to study pests, diseases and other issues that affect bees. The findings improve our scientific understanding of bees and help tailor best practice management strategies to improve bee health and welfare.

Discover Bees

Wheen Bee Foundation has launched a Fund to discover and document Australia’s remaining native bee species. The Fund will support an ambitious campaign by Taxonomy Australia to discover and describe all remaining Australian bee species over six years.