5 Bees

Building Better Beekeeping Businesses after Bushfire

What is 5 Bees?

Have you thought about introducing hive monitoring technologies but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to make changes or improvements but are stuck in making a choice? The 5Bees program is here to help.

5Bees is a program that supports commercial beekeepers to recover from bushfire and drought.  The program helps beekeepers adapt in the face of climate variability, including drought, bushfire and floods, and the impact this has on floral resource availability.

The 5Bees Program is valued at more than $18,000 per beekeeper and is fully funded by the Wheen Bee Foundation Bushfire Rebuild and Recovery Fund. The program aims to support beekeepers to increase hive production and performance, decrease production costs and enhance business viability.

Program details

Beekeepers participating in the initial Pilot program will receive;

  • A payment of $5,000 over 3 years
  • Approved technology equipment that the beekeeper would like to implement within their apiary that is beneficial to their business as a beekeeper eg hive monitoring technology, different hive types, record keeping technologies etc.
  • Ownership of equipment which will be transferred to the beekeeper at the end of the 3 years, subject to completion of the program.

To qualify, beekeepers must be full time commercial beekeepers whose principle source of income is beekeeping.

Next steps

  1. Download the prospectus (on page above, right hand side).
  2. Submit application by extended deadline of 28th February 2021.
  3. Any queries please contact our Wheen Bee Officer on 0436 423 429
5 Bees